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Multi G

Pour les besoins nutritionnels après une chirurgie de l’estomac. Contient, entre autres, une teneur accrue en vitamine A, B1, D3, B12, E, K1, Fer et Zinc.

Multi G est classé comme aliment diététique destiné à des fins médicales spéciales.


Vous recevrez vos compléments à domicile tous les 3 mois


Facile à démarrer, mettre en pause ou arrêter à tout moment


Livraison gratuite et retour possible sous un délai de 30 jours

Multi G

For the dietary management of deficiencies due to a reduced ability to absorb vitamins and minerals after gastrectomy. Contains, among other ingredients, an increased content of vitamin A, B1, D3, B12, E, K1, Iron and Zinc.

Daily support after surgery 
When your stomach has been (partially) removed, your digestive tract changes drastically so your body has a reduced ability to absorb nutrients. The possible result: an essential vitamins and minerals deficiency. To make sure the body functions well, it is important to supplement your diet every day. We developed Multi G for that. It is developed in accordance with the latest scientific insights, and it is specifically formulated for use after surgery of the stomach.

Vitamin B12

1000 µg

per capsule

Vitamin D3

75 µg (3.000 IU)

per capsule

Vitamin A

1.200 µg RE

per capsule


75 mg

per capsule

Frequently Asked​ Questions and Answers

Because of the permanent changes of your body (as a result of the surgery), your body is no longer capable of absorbing the right amount of vitamins and minerals. That is why we recommend using the Multis every day.

Taking supplements after resection is needed because your body is less capable of absorbing vitamins and minerals. This is called malabsorption. The most important causes are:

A smaller stomach: makes sure you can eat less. It also means that your body absorbs less nutrients from the foods you take.

Food intolerance: a possible complication after the surgery is food intolerance. Some people no longer tolerate certain foods, such as red meat and dairy, which contain a lot of protein, vitamin B12 and iron.

No/smaller production of gastric acid: gastric acid makes sure vitamins and minerals are extracted from your foods.

No/smaller production of intrinsic factor: intrinsic factor is a type of protein that transports vitamin B12 and enables its active absorption.

The Multi P and Multi G are 2.2 cm. The Multi E is about 2 cm. If you find it hard to swallow, you can also open the capsule. You can then still take the contents of the capsule, for example by mixing it with a little sugar-free apple or fruit sauce. 

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