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Digestive cancer surgery is likely to cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Deficiencies can lead to physical complaints, like fatigue, muscle loss, trouble concentrating, hair loss and many more.

Gikavi supplements are
developed to help recover and avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies, following cancer surgery to the stomach, esophagus or pancreas.

Supplements can help you feel better by restoring the nutritional levels that are commonly affected after surgery

Jörg Zehetner, MD
Professor of Surgery
Bern, Switzerland

“Complaints like tiredness, hairloss or lack of concentration can indicate a deficiency (of micronutrients)”

“It is important to treat micronutrient deficiencies”

“Patients under my treatment benefit from taking multivitamins on a daily basis”

Videos about vitamin and mineral deficiencies and the need for nutritional support.

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