Supplements your diet after pancreatic cancer surgery

When your pancreas has been (partially) removed your body has a reduced ability to absorb nutrients. That commonly results in a deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals, and can lead to physical complaints.

To make sure the body functions well, it is important to supplement your diet every day: we have developed Multi P just for that.

Our supplement is:

  • Developed in accordance with the latest scientific insights
  • Specifically formulated for use after surgery of the pancreas
  • Prescribed in major European hospitals
Restoring crucial vitamin and mineral levels should help you:
  • Feel more energized to get back to your old routine, after your surgery;
  • Improve your immune system;
  • Experience better concentration , reduced hairloss and more…

About Gikavi Supplements

The most common deficiencies in vitamin and minerals after pancreatic cancer surgery and how they affect you